What You'll Find at Blackbird Bookshop

The main specialty is Mystery and Suspense. This is the most logical since most of my reference books and knowledge is in that area. Besides, I love mysteries! I also have many Signed books and Modern First Editions because, although I specialize in Mystery, there is no way I'm going to pass up a chance at an established modern author's first edition, fiction or non-fiction. We also have a strong ARC and Proof Copies catalog. 


Although those above categories have the strongest holdings, there is still an impressive selection in the other categories.


Customer Service

Anyone who works with me has to follow one cardinal rule: treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. If they don't, they're gone. We know we only get one shot at a good first impression: if we don't give outstanding service to our customers, they will poof back into cyberspace and never return. Internet interactions rely on trust and we work to earn and keep yours. 


If you ever have a question, send us an email. I promise that I personally will answer your question or concern. No form letters, no auto-responders, just a real live person.


How to Reach Us

Email: [email protected]

Store Phone: 203-243-0789

Mailing Address:
Blackbird Bookshop
PO Box 110202
Trumbull, CT 06611




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